Hi Noreen! We just wanted to let you know that Paige is really using a lot of the stuff that she learned with you last year and we see how much she is using it. She is one of the stronger readers in her class in English for sure and when she is spelling etc we sometimes ask her what she thinks based on your lessons (adding suffixes and putting a vowel in each syllable etc) and she has really retained a lot of it. Thanks again for all of your work with her last year 🙂 Robyn

Hi Noreen, I am thrilled with my son’s progress. He absolutely has been growing by leaps and bounds with you! He also adores you and you really bolster his confidence in himself and his abilities. I am so excited for him!!! He wants to be an author. Thank you for re-enforcing his confidence and belief in himself that he can do it!!! Warmest, Amy


My name is Cameron and I am 9 years old. When I started school I had a frustrating time focusing and learning to read but that has all changed for me over the years. Noreen helped me with my spelling and reading skills. She was very nice to me. We did all kinds of sessions together and now I thank her. I work hard and take pride in my work. It was fun when I got to take the sessions and it really helped me. I find reading fun and it helps me relax.
– Cameron Avant, age 9


When our son was in grade one he was diagnosed by a child psychologist with ADHD
and dyslexia. Despite reassurance from the traditional school system that children are
generally not diagnosed with dyslexia until grade four we choose to ignore this advice.
It was clear to us that he was struggling and frustrated and it was not uncommon for him
to be openly frustrated in class. We had received advice from his doctor that the Orton
Gillingham method can make a significant difference in a child’s learning especially if it
is introduced early and she had recommended Noreen Battaglia as his language coach.
Our son’s life has been changed as a result of Noreen’s instruction and guidance.

Noreen worked with our son for approximately two years and right from the beginning
we could see that he was making huge improvements. It was obvious that he was a
much happier little boy and emotional outbursts at school became fewer and fewer.
She took the time to understand his learning style and our son is now reading well
above grade level. As a result of her work, our son has had a positive experience at
school and his confidence has grown over the years. He is now a straight A student
and has achieved high results in provincial literacy tests. He is clearly an example that
early intervention through the work of the Orton Gillingham method can transform a
child’s academic future for the better.

-Michelle Johnston


I struggled a lot in school when I was younger because I am Dyslexic. I am eighteen now and I’m still Dyslexic, however I do not struggle nearly as much. Noreen is a large part of that, with her and the Orton-Gillingham Program I have confidence in my own abilities and the tools I need to be successful in school and in life. It is clear when Noreen is teaching you that she wants you to be successful and for me that helped me feel better about myself.

-Kathryn Annett


“ When our son was diagnosed with dyslexia, initially we were overwhelmed. We were uneducated about dyslexia and and how this would impact his future. We were referred to Noreen and she agreed to take on our son as a new student. From our first conversation she was able to put our minds at ease by answering many of our questions. She has taken the time to help us understand how difficult it has been for our son to read especially in the traditional way students are taught in school.

Noreen has been working with our son for five months and we have already seen amazing results. Before he began his sessions he was struggling with the alphabet and now he is reading! Without Noreen’s help our son would never have made this type of progress in such a short time. We would recommend Noreen to anyone who has a child with dyslexia and is looking for someone who truly understands this learning difficulty. She can give your child the confidence they need to become a successful reader. Thank you Noreen ! “

– Krista Watts

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